MilKit Tubeless Booster Wins EuroBike Award

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author By Aled Gamble, 10 months ago

Though many tubeless riders, mechanics and shop owners already know the many advantages that the highly innovative milKit tubeless booster offers them, it is now official: The milKit booster is one of the winners of the Eurobike Award 2019!

The eco-friendliness of the booster, which replaces the throw-away CO2 cartridges, had the award jury convinced: "This practical accessory doubles as a tough water bottle and tubeless tire booster. A must for mountain bikers and a benefit for the environment too, since it saves on single-use carbon dioxide cartridges."

The Booster is a revolutionary tool that enables riders to inflate tubeless tires without the need for an air compressor. It solves an obvious challenge for cyclists who want to use tubeless tires, many of whom hesitate to go tubeless because of the more difficult installation of tubeless tires. Depending on the rim and tire combination, inflating tubeless tires with a floor pump can be impossible, as the air escapes between the tire and the rim. Professional mechanics typically have a compressor on hand to provide the necessary boost of air to seat tubeless tires on the rim, but for consumers, a compressor is a big expense. The milKit Booster answers the question of how to compress and deliver air to a tubeless tire, and does so by means of a lightweight, robust and inexpensive design.

Combined with milKit’s well-designed valves and fittings, an aluminum bottle makes the basis of the Booster system, which works in three simple steps: 

1. Inflate the Booster with your bike pump 

2. Remove the valve core from your tubeless valves for more efficient air flow (Optional but recommended) 

3. Push the Booster onto the valve stem – done. Air stays in the tire without the valve core installed.

4. Add sealant to the tire with the milKit syringe system – no more mess.

There are no hoses or additional valves to reduce air flow, making inflating tubeless tires with the milKit Booster more efficient than any other existing solution.

The milKit Booster was designed with mountain biking in mind, but it also performs on tubeless road, gravel and cyclocross tires as well. It is very lightweight, only 150 grams, and therefore an ideal companion to bring along on any length of ride or terrain, or to pack during travel or bikepacking. The option to use the Booster as a water bottle along with the provided cap has to be one of the coolest elements about this economical, 2-in-1 product.

The new 0.75L / 25 oz bottle is the ideal size for the bottle to fit into a bottle cage and is also large enough to be able to inflate even the most stubborn tires. 

"A number of tubeless users and bike mechanics approached us and said that they loved the milKit valve system and asked if we couldn't also find an easy solution to the one problem remaining with tubeless tires: inflating them without having to use a compressor," says Pius Kobler, co-founder and CTO at milKit. "This inspired us to develop the Booster.”

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