Lazer introduces Verde KinetiCore – The NEW sustainable urban helmet ready for a circular future.

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author By Jos Dyer, 1 month ago
Lazer has been designing and creating helmets for over 100 years. With a goal to contribute to a society where cyclists can enjoy riding in safety, its main objective over the years is to benefit the cyclist. However, even products that benefit people, have an impact on the environment.

The new Verde KinetiCore is a stepping stone to a new approach of helmet design for Lazer, with both safety of people and planet in mind. This new urban helmet has been awarded with both an ISPO award and an IF Design Award, emphasizing its innovative nature.

“We are well aware that the production of a helmet will always have an impact on the environment, but we do strive to reduce this impact. This new helmet is a step in the right direction for Lazer. Our journey on this path – will not end with Verde KinetiCore.” – Peter Duynslaeger, commercial director Lazer.

Lazer is making progress in small, regular steps, and a significant objective is reached with this new helmet completely designed and assembled in Europe.

What makes Verde KinetiCore ready for a circular future?
Circular design focuses on minimizing environmental impact. It is based on the principles of reducing, reusing, and recycling materials.
Verde KinetiCore minimizes the use of materials. The complete helmet is made up of a limited amount of components and compared to traditional helmets makes no use of strap -anchors, - dividers, Velcro, magnets, or paint. By avoiding unnecessary add-ons, a safe NTA rated helmet with reduced amount of materials is achieved.

Verde KinetiCore is made from recycled materials whenever possible. A minimum of 70% of Verde KinetiCore’s weight is made of recycled materials, used in its outer- and inner shell, fit system, and straps. A helmet’s hardshell must be durable. Today, recycled materials also live up to this demand. This helmet’s outer ,shell is made from recycled CDs. Who knew your old Nickelback and Madonna CDs would still come in handy?

Next to being recycled, Verde KinetiCore is recyclable. This new helmet is ready for a circular future as the new Lazer patented EcoLoc® eliminates the need for glue. A helmet consists of separate components made from different materials. In the production of a traditional helmet these parts are glued together, creating one cohesive helmet from different materials. These processes make disassembling and recycling near impossible at the end of the lifecycle.

Verde KinetiCore consists of interlocking components by use of the EcoLoc, visible on the rear of the helmet. Its zero-glue construction enables the user to easily disassemble the helmet at the end of its lifecycle. Simply unlock, look for the stamps on the different materials and sort correctly at home.

The Verde KinetiCore has a solution with a built-in port for the Lazer universal LED to increase visibility. Once more allowing a complete disassembly of all waste parts end of life as opposed to built-in batteries & LEDs.

Verde KinetiCore Specs
Available in two sizes l Weight 430gr S/M CE l RRP €99,99
Verde KinetiCore is a perfect fit for the urban commuter, that is not scared of the different weather conditions and is committed to their bike ride to and from work or other commitments. The helmet features cleverly designed vents to boost ventilation without allowing rain to enter. Once the temperature drops and cold wind is no longer welcome, the compatible winter kit offers increased warmth.

Lazer KinetiCore technology
Lazer’s KinetiCore technology features built-in rotational-impact protection thanks to unique Controlled Crumple Zones incorporated into the helmet. The result is advanced multi-directional protection. KinetiCore also uses less overall material for improved ventilation, a lighter-weight helmet, and fewer plastics.

Virginia Tech Helmet Ratings
All helmets sold must be certified to meet minimum safety requirements. However, two helmets that meet the official standard may offer different levels of impact protection. The Virginia Tech Helmet Lab is 100% independent and provides unbiased ratings that allows consumers to make informed decisions. Simply stated, the ratings identify which helmets best reduce concussion risk. More stars equate to better protection, with 5 stars representing the best available helmets. Verde KinetiCore receives a 4-star protection rating from Virginia Tech.

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