First blended in a Central Californian garage using a power drill and drywall blade, Slime has taken those humble beginning and transformed it into a the most widely distributed tyre sealant in the world, available in over 80 countries.

In cycling, Slime is best known for its self-sealing inner tubes that’ll self-repair punctures up to 3mm long and last for up to two years. But the sealant can also be bought separately and added to tubes and it’s non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable and non-hazardous formula makes it safe for tyres and rims. It’s the perfect partner for anyone who wants to use their bike to get around but wants some security against punctures, the perfect fit-and-forget tool to make your bike something you can rely on rather than worry about.

With sealant being Slime’s core product, the brand has also committed to making sure their product is even greener than its core colour. Slime has its Green Promise which is to keep tyres going for longer – reducing waste by keeping them out of landfills – and making sure that the sealant itself is environmentally friendly.