It’s not often that a brand takes over a category so completely that its name becomes the generic term, but for Garmin and the bike computers category that is very much the case. Calling your head unit a Garmin has been commonplace for so long in the cycling industry that it’s easy to forget just what a revolution the GPS giants brought to the category when they first entered the category back in the mid-2000s with the Edge 205.

With its built-in rechargeable battery, 12hr battery life, slim and compact size and snap-on handlebar interface, the Edge 205 introduced so many things we now take for granted as well as class-leading GPS technology, auto pause, auto lap and a virtual partner you could program and race against. 

It’s not only cycling where Garmin has become the key player; it dominates the running and triathlon watch markets as well. With its now-iconic Forerunner units, including the pioneering FR910XT that revolutionised the multisport watch – you’ll see more Garmins on wrists at marathons and iron-distance races the world over than anything else.

These days the names remain the same but the units have changed a lot. The latest Garmin Edge 1040 bike computer incorporates features like solar charging to extend battery life up to 42mins per hour and all kinds of advanced metrics to make it the most powerful training and racing tool Garmin has ever produced.