Winners of a 2018 industry Design & Innovation award for the Dynaplug Air, Dynaplug might have an eclectic image on social media but they’re dead serious about tyre repair. First featured in the ‘what’s new’ section of US magazine Popular Science in July 1990, Dynaplug has been making and selling puncture repair solutions since 1991, and their easy-to-use tubeless puncture repair solutions have been oft imitated throughout the cycling world but never bettered.


 All their bicycle products are based around the same fundamental principle; using a viscoelastic rubber impregnated cord with a non-abrasive brass tip to plug holes in tyres. It’s a low force insertion system, so easy to use even on the go with sweaty hands, and the nature of the brass-tipped plugs mean they securely stay in the tyre. In fact, it works so well that a plug can last the whole life of a tyre if installed correctly, making expensive tyres seem like much more of an investment than a risk.