AtranVelo have been designing and manufacturing components for thebicycle industry since 1937Theirdriving force has, and always will be, to help people use their bikes more.Whether for their daily commute, weekend trips with the family, hikeswith friends, or bikepacking adventures.

Being based in Falkenberg, a small coastal town in the south of Sweden, AtranVelo must make products that can endure harsh weather conditions and strongly believe in making products that last. The same mindset extends to how they do business, opting to build strong relationships with customers and manufacturers over short-term gains. AtranVelo is known for quality and is a brand that bike brands and bike riders can trust. The simplicity of design and reliability of their products makes AtranVelo a true market-leader. 

aeroe is inspired by the challenge of exploration, adventure and discovery and are constantly pushing the limits of innovative design. All aeroe products are designed, tested and proven in New Zealand, home to some of the most exciting and challenging touring conditions on and off-road. aeroe products enable and extend exploration using bikes or e-bikes, and enhance the recreation and transportation experience of the modern bicycle.  The aeroe team have been tireless in their pursuit to design and refine the next stage of the worlds’ most user-friendly bike gear.

Now, aeroe has an entire ecosystem that allows bike riders to travel with their gear effortlessly whether your travelling across continents, out for a Sunday ride or simply cycling to work.