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Posted On: August 28th, 2013

Phil Graves - Blog : 10 Mile TT

Phil Graves - Blog : 10 Mile TT

The latest blog post from ultra-athlete Phil Graves

Well I have come away today from my 10 mile TT with a huge smile on my face! A very hard week, which included 20 hours of training in 3 days midweek from Tuesday to Thursday, leaving me just a bit tired and with a slightly sore knee on Friday morning; nothing to worry about but I decided to have a few easier days and try and see what I could on the V718, our fast (and thankfully local to me) 10 mile TT course! After getting there and seeing it was rather windy it made me slightly apprehensive. My last TT was way back in May, the Yorkshire 10 mile TT champs which I managed to win, but there were some big names here this week! I know that this type of racing uses a very specific form of fitness and to be at your peak you need to ride TT races every week so it would be interesting to find out where I would end up!

As always, I went off far too fast and by half way I was finding it, well... a little tough! I didn’t look at my Garmin, I just wanted to try and stay aero and go as fast I could so I had no idea what sort of speed I had been doing! As many of you will know the V718 course is an out and back, and oh boy was the return leg tough. I was pretty much crawling between miles 6 to 8, it was unreal! Suddenly as the road turned to the left a little I managed to pick up a whacking great tailwind and managed to hit over 70kmph for the last 2 miles and cruised into the finish!
My overall time was 18.55, a 3 second PB and I ended up 3rd, 25 seconds behind James Gullen (6th in the British National TT champs, just behind Luke Rowe) and 41 seconds behind Michael Hutchinson. So I didn't really disgrace myself plus I know there is so much more to come! As I said, TT'ing is so specific you have to race yourself fit, so it's great to do a PB straight off the bat.

Next up is a 25 next weekend on a tougher course, but it will be great to see what i can do and I’ll try to pace it a bit better this time!



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