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Posted On: February 6th, 2017

Gallery: Team Green Kawasaki at British Arena Cross

Gallery: Team Green Kawasaki at British Arena Cross

The British Arena Cross series is over half way through now… and much has happened. We won’t bore you to death with race report statistics. All you need to know is Team Green have stuck it on the box as often as a warehouse worker with a TNT label. What we have here is a collection of photos from our dear friend and super talented friend Nuno Laranjeira… we hope they inspire you as much as they do us.

Go time

Go time...

Little Ben bustin out big holeshots, while the competiton play football

The force is strong with this one, to destroy your opponents mental game, wheelie past them from the outside

Eyes at maximum dilation, engine at maximum revolutions

Gratuitous sponsorship shot!

Jack at maximum attack

Only the fully initiated will appreciate the perfect technique pouring from every pore

The road to the podium

This looks way faster than it actually is, but remember, the first rule of being Fast... Before you can be fast, you must look fast

With great ginger, comes great power...


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